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PROYECTOS VIH/SIDA Pacífico Solomon Islands - Dream Cast Drama awareness program

Solomon Islands - Dream Cast Drama awareness program

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Formed in 2004, the Tuvaruhu Multi-ethnic community youth drama group (Dream Cast) dramatises issues affecting young people in the communities in and around Honiara, Solomon islands. After successfully implementing a theatre drama training project (July 2005), the Dream Cast group is aiming to use drama performances and radio drama as an advocacy tool.

Who's involved?

Project leader: Kennedy Folasi

Lead organisation: Dream Cast Drama Group

Other organisations: Save the Children Australia (SCA); Youth Outreach Program (YOP); Ministry of Health

Timeframe: March - September 2006


  • Build capacity and building networks with other organizations that are involved in HIV/AIDS.
  • Include young people to campaignagainst social issues affecting them.
  • Raise the level of awareness among villagers and communities about social issues affecting young people, including HIV/AIDS.


  • Collect information on social issues, particularly HIV/AIDS and substance abuse, prepare a short report and draft drama scripts featuring these issues;
  • Involve at least 10 young people in performing the drama presentations for their peers in 35 different communities, and at the same time conduct peer-to-peer and youth focus awareness talks;
  • Publicise the activity through local radio, television and newspapers;
  • Evaluate the impact of the activity by asking a minimum of 60 youth in three different communities who have seen the dramatic performance to complete an evaluation form; report on the results of the evaluation;
  • Investigate and report on ways of continuing this activity in the future.


Final Report [.pdf 492Kb]
Project Proposal