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PROYECTOS VIH/SIDA 2012/2013 Mauritius/Rodrigues - Capacity Building on HIV/AIDS for Out-of-School Youth

Mauritius/Rodrigues - Capacity Building on HIV/AIDS for Out-of-School Youth

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The conduct of youth-led activities to empower out of school youth, raise awareness on HIV/AIDS and spread and sustain the fight against stigma and discrimination in Mauritius, including Rodrigues.


Who's involved?

Project leader: Bernard D'argent (in collaboration with Farida Oodally)

Lead organisation: Adolescent Non-Formal Education Network (ANFEN)

Other organisations: Tan Nu la Voix (grass-root CSO for both HIV-positive and HIV-negative IDUs); Chrysalide (NGO for FSW); MOH Field Coordinator for GBT; PILS (NGO for Prevention and Information in the field of HIV/AIDS); NATReSA (National Agency for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Sustance Abusers)

Timeframe: September 2012 - April 2013


  • Build capacity among ANFEN youth to enable them to become ambassadors to self-protection and, by extension, to peer protection from vulnerabilities to HIV/AIDS.
  • Preparation of 2 contextualised HIV/AIDS training packages to respond to training needs of ANFEN youth mentors and a group of ANFEN youth.
  • Implementation of the training packages followed by HIV thematic youth-led production.


  • Meeting with on-the-field NGOs working with vulnerable groups, ANFEN mentors and a group of ANFEN youth to discuss proposed content and training methodology.
  • Preparation of training packages for ANFEN mentors and ANFEN youth including content on sexual and reproductive health issues, peer pressure, biological vulnerabilities, STIs, teenage pregnancy, sexual abuse and PEP, drugs and drug abuse and addiction, HIV/AIDS, the HIV situation in Mauritius and understanding stigma & discrimination and fighting it.
  • Follow-up meetings and finalisation of training packages after discussions with mentors, NGOs and other relevant partners.
  • Training of mentors and trainees.
  • Competitive production based on one HIV/AIDS scheme by each of the seven schools (supported by the trained group of mentors).



Project Proposal [PDF]

Progress Report [PDF]