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PROYECTOS Medio ambiente
Medio Ambiente

[únicamente disponible en inglés]

ENVIRONMENT "My island home" - safeguarding island environments

The them My Island Home includes topics such as:

  • Changes in the natural environment
  • Positive and negative impacts of development on the natural environment
  • Ways to conserve the natural environment and use resources wisely: case studies, success stories and failures
  • Tourism and the natural environment – changing attitudes
  • Education and the natural environment
  • Climate change
  • Disaster Preparedness Planning

Projects in were carried out in: the Caribbean; the Indian & Atlantic Oceans; and the Pacific

List of projects

  • Cook Islands - Recycling Stations for Schools
  • Dominica - Dominica cleans up Gutter!
  • Fiji - Young Leaders for a Sustainable Fiji
  • Jamaica - Enviro-Kids Programme at Holywell
  • Madagascar - Environmental education for school children
  • Niue - Beautify the Village of Avatele Oneonepata
  • Vanuatu - Anelcauhat Waste Management YES (Youth Environmental Services) Project