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[únicamente disponible en inlgés]

CULTURE "Life & Love in the islands" - island lifestyles and cultures
The theme Life and love in my island includes topics such as:

  • Social changes e.g. changes in family structure, youth ‘dropping out of the system’, changes in entertainment, improved technology, increased travel abroad, use of banned substances, HIV/AIDS
  • Traditions and customs e.g. music, language, song, dance, food
  • Unique aspects of island culture and cultural expressions
  • Sharing culture with other islands
  • Cultural links with tourism, trade and education

Projects in were carried out in: the Caribbean; the Indian & Atlantic Oceans; and the Pacific

List of projects

  • Dominica - Palé Kwéyòl exceeds all expectations
  • Dominica-Seychelles - Kwéyòl Exchange Program  
  • Federated States of Micronesia - National Pride and Unity
  • Jamaica - Photovoice: My Island through My Eyes
  • Mauritius - Recreational Day for Disabled Youths
  • Samoa - Teaching and promoting the fire-knife dance
  • Samoa - Training and developing young people to be actively involved in caring for the poor and needy in their communities
  • San Andres - Role Playing Game: My Island Home
  • Solomon Islands - Dream Cast Drama awareness program
  • St. Vincent & Grenadines - Folkways of Bequia
  • Tonga - On the Spot Radio Program
  • Tonga - Tonga National Canoe Festival