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PROJECTS HIV & AIDS Indian & Atlantic Oceans Zanzibar - HIV/AIDS Awareness for Youth at School

Zanzibar - HIV/AIDS Awareness for Youth at School

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The focus of this project was to raise awareness amongst teachers and students in particular and the community in general about the issue of HIV/AIDS especially in the area of infection/transmission, effects and stigmatization and discrimination.

Who's involved?

Project leader: Ameir M. Ussi

Lead organisation: JUKEWJIMA (Jumuiya Ya Kuendeleza Elimu Jimbo La Makudunchi)

Other organisations: Zanzibar AIDS Commission; AidNet Zanzibar; ZAPHA+; Student bodies

Timeframe: November - July 2006


  • Increase knowledge and advocate issues of HIV/AIDS in schools environment
  • Share knowledge and experiences on issues relating to HIV/AIDS amongst participants
  • Reduce stigmatization and discrimination of people living with HIV/AIDS in the community
  • Change the sexual behaviour practices among young people (especially youth at school)


  • Organising viewings of films relating to HIV/AIDS followed by discussions.
  • Conducting mini lecture sessions accompanied by role plays.
  • Organising competitions among youth for songs/jingles highlighting HIV/AIDS issues.
  • Organising two panel discussions on HIV/AIDS issues involving youth from local peer counseling groups.


The community was very impressed to the initiative taken by JUKEJIMA and has called for further development of similar health education programmes. The project has suceeded in meeting its immediate objectives and the long-term impacts will be observed over time.


Final Report [.pdf 138Kb] 
Youth Report [.pdf 89Kb]

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UNESCO HIV and AIDS Education Clearinghouse Events, News, Publications
UNESCO HIV and AIDS Education Clearinghouse Events, News, Publications
UNESCO HIV and AIDS Education Clearinghouse Events, News, Publications


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